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Atomic Disaster

A bright light was all the Japanese saw before there death. Some died but most were wounded and died slowly while suffering. Not everyone wanted to keep fighting was it really worth it to drop the atomic bomb knowing women and children would be hurt. The atomic bomb shouldn’t have been dropped. It didn’t only affect the people of that time period, it also effected many generations afterwards.

Hiroshima was not only filled with Japanese people, it was also filled with U.S. Citizens. “On Aug. 6, 1945 it became the first city in the world to be struck by an atomic bomb” (Hiroshima). Why did Hiroshima have to be the first city to go through this, why did we choose that kind of method knowing we would be killing women and children. Not only did we kill thousands of Japanese citizens, we also destroyed their city. “Two-Thirds of the city was destroyed and close to 80,000 people died instantly, killed by the heat and radioactive flash of the bomb” (Hiroshima Bombing). We said we didn’t want to start a war with Japan because we didn’t want to risk killing thousands of people yet in just one minute we killed eighty thousand innocent people.

Some people died but others were wounded and continued to suffer till there death. “Another 90,000 people were wounded, and most of the remainder suffered some long-term radiation damage” (Hiroshima Bombing). We contaminated there city with radiation and continued to kill more people who probably had nothing to do with the war. “140,000 people died from the blast by the end of the year, and more than 200,000 have died overall from either the actual explosion” (Hiroshima Bombing). Since Hiroshima was beginning to fall apart, and people were dying by the minute. There wasn’t really anything people could do but watch. “The destruction from the atomic bomb was so huge there just wasn’t enough to remove the bodies” (Tomosawa). Imagine walking around were you live and seeing you wife/husband’s body lying on the floor or better yet your children’s. It is traumatizing and wrong, although not everybody felt bad. President Harry S. Truman didn’t care about how many people died or the women and children who also suffered during the dropping of the atomic bomb. “Never lost any sleep over that decision” (Decision). President Truman had bragged to the press after the bomb had been dropped. If he didn’t even care about the Japanese lives and their future, would he not care about us if it was the other way around. What kind of sick minded human being would not care about the children who were not even involved in the war being killed.

Admiral William Leany angrily told an interviewer although Truman told him they would “Only…hit military objectives. They went ahead and killed as many women and children as they could which was just what they wanted all the time” (Decision). If Truman lied about not hurting women and children what else did he lie about? Did the Japanese really threaten us? Were they gonna actually come after us or was that all just made up so people would be on his side and not feel bad about killing thousands of people. On the other hand how could someone not feel bad about killing tons of human beings if, after many generations many people are still dying because the atomic bomb was dropped.

Others might say that the alarms had gone off so they shouldn’t still have been outside. When in fact we do not even know if the bomb had went off in time. Most of the population was on their way to work both women and some children. “So many citizens were outside and without cover when the bomb exploded over the center of the city” (Hiroshima Bombing). Nobody was able to protect themselves from the blast. Everyone was going about their day when the bomb had exploded. One minute they were on their way to work when they hear the alarms the next there all being blown across the city. Little babies skin peeling off and mothers watching their children die. Families having