Atomic Weapons Essay

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Joe Zembemurge

On the attack of pearl harbor at 7:55 a.m. on sunday dec 7,1941 a very bad thing happened and if cause a new future for us.On the day of dec, 6 while the usa where in there training the japanese where planning a way to come over on planes to blow up Pearl Harbor.The japanese have been planning a plan that they think can get them to take the usa.After Dec 7 they dropped the bomb.

The gases used in World War 1 were crude but effective.I fact,technically many of them were not gases but minute solid particles suspended in air like the spray from an aerosol can.The gas attacks had the schools put gas masks to make sure that the kids would not catch anything.The weapons that the us made in such short time was awesome because they feel like they pressured and did not give up. The thing that I think was crazy was that the people making the weapons did a good job because they made tons and tons of weapons.They made the weapons in such a fast paced,because they had maybe one day before the us would need more ammo and other supplies.If they were not on time with making the weapons then they would get more people to finish the job even faster.bombing of pearl harbor I will add on to what i said about the bombing of pearl harbor like i said the only reason that happened was because the japanese wanted to take the pacific ocean and the United State said no we will not let that happen so the japanese bombed pearl harbor and that…