Attainable Dream Essay

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Howard 1

Aly Howard
Mr. Jackson
English 11 Per. 3
26 March, 2015

Attainable Dream
Today, reality is closing in and shoving the American Dream out of reach. People need to

understand that the American Dream is still attainable even in this day and age, with prices rising and jobs becoming harder to be accepted. Based on a few articles and visuals, the Dream is difficult but very accessible to the average individual with a little hard work and commitment.
In the
USA Today article , studies estimated the yearly cost of achieving the American
Dream with the price tag of, “
$130,000 per year for a family of four. The implication of this report is that without a $275,000 home, a $11,000 per year four­wheel­drive SUV and a $4,000 family summer vacation, for starters, you are not living the American Dream”(Article 2). This estimate being the standards set are a little more than most people can afford because “by these numbers, seven out of eight Americans fail at achieving the American Dream”(Article 2). The belief of having the best house and the most money to live the dream is not always the right assumption, the American Dream is “not to get rich but to have security and the hope that your children ultimately have a better life”(Article 2). The dream is to have a good life with what you can get and appreciate it, not to have the best things or the bags and bags of money. People should not listen to society when they say that the American Dream is the luxurious life seen in movies, no, it is much more than that. To have a healthy family and ground under your feet is then life worth living.

Howard 2

In my opinion, the American Dream is attainable because it is what you think and somewhat know what goal you are trying to reach and go for it. In the video,
Today’s American
Dream, random people were asked what they thought of the American Dream and if it was attainable, many replied with an optimistic response of having to “ work very hard and a little bit