Attendants Vs Las Meninas Essay

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In spain 1658 Diego Velazquez was a painter for King Philip the IV. The painting Las Meninas shows a princess and her attendants but Las meninas is translated to the attendants. Three centuries later Pablo Picasso painted a similar painting under the same name, But these two paintings were similar yet different in ways.

Diego Velazquez was the original painter of las meninas his painting featured himself in the background, a young princess, and four attendants attending to the princess. The literal definition of las meninas is the attendents. I thought Diego Velazquez was trying to portray that the attendants were more important than the princess. I get this message from the title of the painting. If he named the painting the attendants I would say that he thought the attendants had more importance than the princess. When I thought about it the meaning of the painting started to make sense seeing that the princess is just thought of as a higher being but she really would be nothing without all her assistants. The attendants are really doing all the endeavorment
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Pablo Picasso painted the picture using the art of cubism. Cubism is an abstract way of art it shows the painting as abstract and disoriented. In this version of the painting he painted the princess with a vast size while on the other hand he painted the attendant very petite. I think Pablo Picasso was trying to portray almost the exact same thing as Diego. I determined that Picasso was trying to portray the same thing for the reason that he painted the princess very large to catch the attention of the viewer and painted the attendant small and out of the way. Still he titled the painting as Las Meninas. Although he made the princess more obvious and flamboyant he still named the painting Las Meninas. This gave me the thought that he was influenced by Diego’s ideas and thoughts about