Essay on Attending College

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Why Should You Attend College? In today's economy, many people will need a surefire way to get a job that you can work in as your career and sustain an efficient way of living. Going to college will greatly help you achieve this goal, and much more. It is more beneficial to go to college because you will earn more money, have a better chance at getting a job, and have reliable job security. One reason to go to college is because you will earn more money overall. It has been shown that more education results in higher earnings. The average lifetime earnings of someone with a professional degree is approximately 2 million dollars higher than someone who only has a high school diploma. Also, all of the best paying jobs in our economy are occupied by workers with postsecondary education. Almost all jobs that require postsecondary education pay higher than jobs that do not. It might seem hard finding a job these days, with many other people looking for work, and unemployment rates so high, going to college can give you an advantage over other people looking for jobs. The demand for skilled labor is growing faster than the workers capable of it, this means that in the future it will be fairly easy to find this type of job. Almost all jobs classified as skilled labor require college degrees. Jobs have also shifted from industrial type jobs and manufacturing to office jobs, and jobs that require certain skills. Getting degrees in certain fields from college can help you score one of these jobs. Science, technology, math, and engineering are projected to be some of the most prominent job types in…