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|Age |Physical development |Communication and intellectual development |Social, emotional and behavioural development |
|0-12 Months |Be able to lift their heads independently |Learns through their senses and will put things in their mouths |Can distinguish primary care giver – usually their mother |
| |Be able to roll over independently |Likes repeated behaviour |Gazes at faces |
| |Show distinctions in vision, hearing, smelling, tasting, touching |Will begin to recognise repeated object names such as bye, doggie, |Likes to be held and played with |
| |and changes in temperature. |mummy and daddy although they may not begin to speak until the age |Smiles at themselves in the mirror |
| |Be able to grab objects. |of 1. |Shows excitement through waving arms and kicking |
| |Control their torso and hands | |Cries in different ways when cold, wet, hungry etc |
| |Sit without support | |Fears loud noises |
| |Crawl | |Uses babbling sounds to communicate |
| |Control over legs and feet – may be able to stand. | |Draws away from strangers |
| |Begin teething | | |
| |Physically unable to control bowels | | |
|1-2 Years |Can crawl or shuffle up stairs |Learns through their senses |Enjoys interaction with familiar adults |
| |Be able to walk |Very curious and will investigate everything e.g. poking objects |Begins to be assertive |
| |Draw on paper |and sticking their fingers in |Waves bye-bye |
| |Increase in coordination |Can say the basic names of common objects |Is possessive of their own things |
| | |Can use one worded sentences e.g. “No”, “Go” |Needs warmth, security and attention