Atticus And Calpurnia Character Analysis

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People tend to perceive the world from their own perspective, regardless of anyone else’s opinion. From To Kill A Mockingbird to Go Set A Watchman, Scout realizes as she grows up Maycomb is not always what she thought it was. Throughout the novel, Go Set A Watchman, Jean Louise is disillusioned several times through many characters such as, Atticus and Calpurnia and the city of Maycomb itself. All through the novel, Go Set A Watchman, Atticus can be seen as a very different character, therefore, developing conflicts between him and Scout. To begin with, Scout finds a pamphlet labeled The Black Plague near Atticus’ books. As Scout says in the novel, “‘I especially liked the part where the Negroes, bless their hearts, couldn’t help being inferior to the white race because their skulls are …show more content…
For example when Scout grew up Calpurnia’s point of view with Scout changed, she see’s Scout as an ordinary white lady. Calpurnia ran off from the Finches after Jem’s death. Calpurnia changes after noticing Scout’s father becoming a racist man, but it really wasn’t obvious to her or anyone else till now. In Go Set A Watchman Scout see’s Calpurnia’s relation with her was falling behind due to all the racial segregation that was happening at the time.In the quote Calpurnia changes her act of mind with scout. “Miss Scout, different folks get married for different kinds of reasons. Miss Alexandra, I think she got married to keep house." (11.123) Scout sees a change after Calpurnia leave’s the Finch’s behind after her grandson getting arrested for drunk driving and running over an elderly. In conclusion Scout is realizing what she didn’t in To Kill A Mockingbird that not everyone seem’s what they look like since in To Kill A Mockingbird she was just a little girl who didn’t understand what was going on in her society but due to growing up she realizes how corrupt their society