Atticus Bravery Essay

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When the local lynch mob was hunting for Tom Robinson knowing that the sheriff was attending to a bird hunt, Atticus acts like a human shield in
Chapter 15 to save the life of Tom Robinson, a negro whom was falsely accused of rape and abuse of a white woman. At the risk of his life,
Atticus bravely waits and sits outside of Maycomb jail calmly with a book until the group armed with weapons approaches him. Atticus recognises the mischievous scheme and tries to backtalk them out of their wrong doing intellectual motive. And in result of this, the lynch mob backed away from the human shield and Tom was blessed for a night.
Another scene where Atticus was a shield for his children and the whole town was when a rabid dog comes with a disease known as rabies. Atticus uses the gun to shoot the dog to prevent any contact when no one in town had the courage to kill. By his action, he saved the whole town whom were in fear of this ill dog.

A scene where Jem displayed courage was when Mrs Dubose asked him to read to her. The image of the haunted house represents Jem’s feeling towards Mrs Dubose’s house because he was really resistant and scared to face the wicked Mrs Dubose alone. Jem did not pity Ms Dubose, but
Atticus encouraged him to go with Scout to the reading sessions so that he wouldn’t feel so scared. His perception of Mrs Dubose was a hostile, horrible and judgemental old woman; whom only values tradition. In the end, Jem did go to Mrs Dubose’s house and read to her.