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Throughout the novel show that Atticus Finch deserves to be admired by his family and people of Maycomb
Throughout To Kill A Mockingbird it is evident that the protagonist, Atticus Finch is the most admirable character who is highly respected by the whole of Maycomb. Fair yet firm, affectionate yet sensible, Atticus uses every opportunity to teach Jem and Scout valuable life lessons. His fearless, optimistic courageous, nature shines throughout the novel and Lee heightens this through the trial of Tom Robinson.
Atticus’s admirable character is emphasised when he is there to protect Tom Robinson on the night before the trial. He waits outside, guarding Tom the whole night in order to keep him safe when the lynch mob comes to kill the racial victim. We admire Atticus’s bravery when he stays steadfast ‘solid shapes were moving towards the jail door but Atticus remained where he was.’ He refuses to be intimidated by the mob and will stand up for what he believes in, racial equality. This also shows courage on Atticus’ behalf in the face of danger, both physically and morally.
The respect the men in the mob have for Atticus is shown as they whisper throughout the incident as Atticus says ‘don’t wake him up’ and the men listen. They ask Atticus to leave which emphasises the respect they have for him as they use a question not imperative which shows the high regard in which he is held by everyone in the society.
Atticus has earned this esteem as he is so protective towards his children and whilst the mob is present we see that he is afraid for them but tries not to show it. His face showed a ‘flash of plain fear’ and his ‘fingers were trembling’ which shows he is very concerned for the wellbeing of his children and cares for them deeply.
Even in the midst of a threatening and dangerous situation, Atticus never ceases to use the opportunity to teach his children valuable life lessons. As when Scout gets agitated and kicks on of the lynch mob members, Atticus uses the firm imperative ‘Don’t kick folks’ which shows he has respect for others even those who are trying to hurt his client. We admire Atticus in this situation as he is always trying to make his children learn right from wrong no matter what the situation.
Scout admires her father greatly as she obeys his commands and tries to please him by following his teachings and ‘doing the polite thing.’ This makes us admire Atticus as Scout respects him and he has clearly taught her to talk about others interests instead of her own which clearly demonstrates his lack of selfishness and modesty.
Finally when the mob disperses without touching Tom Robinson, this is a clear indication of grudging admiration for Atticus. This would very rarely happen that the victim remains alive after a mob attack yet Atticus stays calm and the men respect him and leave soon after their arrival.
We see that his children have a great deal of respect for Atticus as Scout says ‘he ain’t ever whipped me’ which shows he is a good father and we admire him for this as he can discipline them in other ways than using…