Atticus Finch Courage Definition

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Jacob M. Padgett
Professor Jennifer Padgett
English 105
16 January 2017

The Real Meaning of Courage What does it really mean to be courageous? Atticus Finch is the real role model for courage and one can see this in Harper Lee’s book To Kill a Mockingbird. We see how Atticus never let’s what other people think bother him, as he manages to raise two children on top of being one of the best lawyers in Maycomb County, Alabama. Being courageous is a choice and Atticus Finch takes the chance as he doesn’t let race separate him from defending an innocent black man. During this literary classic we see Atticus show courage in defending an innocent man, shooting a sick dog in the road, and teaching his children to not judge someone until you truly
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For example it started with Jem and Scout seeing a mad dog in a field and realizing that something was wrong, they called Atticus who informed the Sheriff. Realizing that the crazy dog was coming into town they had everyone get in there houses and lock their doors. Not long after this, the rabid dog comes walking down the street as it tries to keep its balance. The sheriff then hands the rifle to Atticus and says that it is too far for him to shoot as his eyesight is not as great as it used to be. Realizing that the dog was getting closer Atticus raised the gun up and in one shot killed the dog. This is just another example of fearless courage because as the dog came closer he was able to still keep calm and kill the dog, knowing that if he missed he could possible hit one of the houses beyond. Consequently, one can see the confident courage that Mr. Finch walks around with, and how it can also be contagious to the people he is closest to as he always walks with his head held high and does not let anyone tell him …show more content…
For example, Scout was mad at her teacher because the teacher didn’t understand how different families lived. The teacher had offered to pay for a kid’s lunch as he did not have any, but the kid refused because he would not be able to pay her back. The teacher did not understand that this kid and his family did not take favors and when Scout tries to explain, she was put in the corner in a timeout. To continue, this is what prompted Scout to complain to Atticus about her teacher. Atticus then responded, “You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view-until you climb into his skin and walk around in it.” This means that one cannot judge someone until you step in their shoes and see how they are living. Scout did not realize how this was the teacher’s first year, and how she could not have any way to know that there were many poor kids in Maycomb County that did not take favors from anyone. Again, this is another example of Atticus’s courage as well as wisdom as he explains to Scout that before one can judge you have to look at it from their perspective. In summary, one can again how Atticus displays his knowledge and fearlessness in everyday problems, and he is a role model for all young children and