Atticus Finch Monologue

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I’ve been having a lovely summer with Aunt Rachel, I even made some new friends around my age. The older boy, Jeremy Atticus Finch, or Jem, thinks I am puny for my age. Jem’s younger sister, Jean Louise Finch, is called Scout by those around her. I was playin’ in Auntie’s backyard when they saw me, and we have been friends ever since. I have had so many fun times with Jem and Scout, but I think I should focus this note on Scout. Not only is she the prettiest girl I have seen, she has the brains of Mr. Edison. She may be too smart for her own good sometimes though. I suppose I will have to tolerate her stubbornness, as we are getting married. Firstly, Scout is the most beautiful girl I have ever laid eyes on. She hates dresses, and chooses to wear dirty denim overalls that seem too large for her. She doesn’t need to look like a lady to be one, and a pretty one she is. Scout has these brown bangs that just fall above her eyebrows. I love watching her push them out of her face …show more content…
I heard she had even outsmarted her teacher, Miss Caroline Fisher. Miss Caroline told her to stop getting taught by Atticus. Scout of course keeps getting taught by Atticus, because that’s what she was raised doing. Also, Calpurnia taught Scout to write, not print like other six year olds, when she became bored during rainy days. Scout’s intelligence causes an uneasy relationship between the class. Considering she is smarter than every other student, as she is the smartest girl in the world, it’s hard for her to stay with the class. Scout is always nice to talk to because she has a very mature way of speaking. Her vocabulary is always smart, and she understands situations even more than some adults. She speaks with such a confidence that you wouldn’t know she was a little girl. I know that would you be very impressed when speaking to her, and I’m waiting until that day