Attitudes On Exercising Eng Essay

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Kristen Abbott
Mrs. Easterling
Eng. 810
24 September 2014
Attitudes on Exercising People have many different attitudes and opinions towards exercising and working out. People are afraid of the unknown, their lack of dedication, and many people find themselves past the point of no return. Over time overweight people tend to become morbidly obese, in which case some view this as no return. Others perceive their fear of criticism and judgment as their point of no return or lack of effort and motivation. At some point, everyone is a beginner at everything they do. They are afraid of the looks that they will get. They are essentially afraid of the unknown; such as change. Everyone is different; some people may not be used to working out or the idea of exercising on a daily routine. Or they do not know what to do or how to use the equipment. Again everyone was once a beginner, the fear can also be alleviated with a demonstrative tour of the facility or gym that they are starting or joining. However, the simple fact is that some people fail to realize that the change in deciding to work out and exercise is actually good for them. Many people want to exercise and work out, but they often find themselves distracted or “too busy” to actually exercise. They have a lack of dedication for exercising and working out. People often join a club or gym with good intentions on staying and keeping fit, but other things end up getting in the way or stopping them from exercising. Or once they have gone a few consecutive times in a row some people assume that they have done it enough times, that they deserve some time off; a break. So, they just take exercising out of their schedule and take “a break” from exercising. Another reason people have attitudes on exercising and working out is because they might feel like they are at or are going to get past the point of no