Attributes Of A Project Manager

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What defines a 'good' project manager is he/she is a moving target. Why a target? A target is an ‘end goal’ that a team or person wants to meet. The economy is constantly changing thus forcing business factors to change as well. The role of any Project Manager is to adapt to meet the needs and challenges of the company.
Here is what I believe to be are the 4 key attributes to becoming a successful IT Project Manager:
Know the technology you’re supporting
Being able to understand the technology being utilized will provide the IT project manager with an advantage over those who do not understand it. It will also allow you to communicate more thoroughly and effectively with your whole team.
Adhere to Standard Methodologies
In order to lead a team, project managers must understand and follow standard project management methodology. For example knowing the software development life cycle (SDLC – the frame work for developing information systems) and different organizational policies/skills will help the project and the team flow smoother leading to a higher quality end product. Note, that it is also the responsibility as project manager to ensure that the whole team understands all the methodologies and policies that is going to be put into play.
Communication is KEY
Any successful project ensures that communication is key. A project manager must possess strong listening and speaking skills; they must have an empathetic characteristic. This allows the manager to give recognition/praise to team members as well as criticize work when required. It is important that the project manager understands the environment of the team and be able to convey concerns back to the team members while being considerate. This will ensure