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In the story, “And Then There Were None” By, Agatha Christie, the poem “Ten Little Indian Boys” helped the murderer figure out how each person will die.
One by one, people on the island started to drop like flies. The whole situation is a whole big mystery that no one seemed to be able to figure out. The “Ten Little Indian Boys” nursery rhyme had a huge part in each death on the island. The first person to die was Antony Marston. The first Indian in the rhyme died of choking. Choking is a symbolization of Marston dying of asphyxiation. The second person to die was Mrs. Rogers. The second Indian to die, died of oversleeping which caused her to never wake up. His oversleeping symbolizes Mrs. Rogers getting an overdose of sleeping medication. The Third person to die was General Macarthur. The Indian boy died of staying in Devon. General Macarthur died because when everyone went to eat lunch he stayed by the water and got hit by a big, heavy, blunt object. Mr. Rogers was the fourth person to die. The poem stated that he died by getting chopped up. Mr. Rogers died because when he was chopping up sticks for the fire, he got hit in the head by a wood chopper. Emily Brent was the fifth person to die. The fifth Indian boy died by getting stung by a bee. Emily Brent died because she was injected by a syringe full of poison. The syringe is like the bee sting because it stung when she got injected. There were ten people on the island and there were ten little Indian boys, so everyone had a match. The sixth person to die was Justice Wargrave. In the poem the sixth person to die, died of getting shot. He was shot in the head with a revolver. The