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Investor Relations Corporate strategy
Vision: “Audi – the premium brand”
In adopting its Strategy 2020, the Audi Group has focused its core brand Audi on the challenges of the future. The strategy took on firmer contours during 2011 as the full potential of the mission “We delight customers worldwide” was explored in greater depth. It now gives more weight to new issues that have emerged as a result of heightened environmental awareness, growing uncertainty about the future availability of fossil fuels and increasing urbanization.
The Audi brand’s strategy 2020

Mission: “We delight customers worldwide”
The Audi brand’s products are compelling examples of the brand values sportiness, progressiveness and sophistication. In addition to
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The program is rounded out by a look at the history of the Company and culinary delights. To make the experience even more special, customers can tailor the handover to their own individual preferences. Accompanied by a customer relationship manager throughout the entire day, they are given a personal tour of the factory, making the occasion a truly memorable one.
We live responsibility
The Audi brand also expresses customer delight through a form of corporate responsibility that seeks to strike an appropriate balance between social or ecological requirements and economic success. In order to maintain the high regard in which the brand and the Company are held and increase their lead over the competition, Audi has created a department specifically to address this task. Hand in hand with all the divisions, the Corporate Responsibility department pursues the strategic goal of value orientation. It advocates responsible action and behavior as the basis for sustainable success. The core management tasks of Corporate Responsibility also include defining strategic guidelines and decision-making criteria. These guidelines are derived from the Strategy 2020 goals and are intended to highlight the link between social responsibility, preserving resources and long-term economic activity. As a global company with nearly 64,000 employees, the Audi Group is very much