Audience Analysis And Reception

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Audience Analysis and Reception
Briana Rainey

One of the most important factors that come along with a relationship is communication. From a business standing point, this is the key to having a smooth running business. In order for the writer to communicate effectively to the reader, or audience analyzing the two is very important. In the specific scenario, I was assigned to write a formal report to my management team within my working environment. Every member of my work force required their characteristics to be analyzed too make sure that each report was to have effectiveness on the person whom was to receive them.
Formal reports are required to be legible, and contain proper English along with spelling. Creating the business tone of the report requires a certain tone in order to get your point across. Accuracy throughout my report is also required. Along with credible resources that will back up any truthful information that may be included.
The credibility of a writer is an important thing to have under the belt. You want to produce information that is known to have truthfulness behind it. No one wants to receive or read information that may be not true. Before I send my reports off to my management team, I revised and went over everything so that my managers can see that I am dependable, trust worthy, and I am capable of completing any task given to me.
Important factors to keep in mind when catering to the audience is to know what would interest them in your