Audience Analysis and reception Essay

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Audience Analysis and Reception
Shantelle Christian
August 17 2014
Melvin Vance
Audience Analysis and Reception
When writing a formal report at your workplace for upper management you should focus on the needs of the audience and their general characteristics. Understand what will appeal to them and avoid anything that would not or that could possibly cause a debate or disagreements. Speak in a professional tone and use appropriate vocabulary. It is important to deliver your report in a clear and concise form. The upper management you are delivering to probably receives (Quintanilla, 2011)reports constantly so it is important to be direct and get your message across in a professional manner. You should always avoid the use of slang terms and keep jokes and rambling on nonexistent. Take some time to do a little brainstorming before you write the report to asses any questions you may think the management will have for you so you cover all the basis. If you do not present the information in a clear and concise form it is possible that part of the management will be uniformed or have a misunderstanding which could lead to more problems for the company later on. If you ramble on or involve a lot of unneeded information it is possible for the audience to lose interest in the report and this will also cause a misunderstanding or loss of information. It is important that each member of the audience receives the report and all the detail. The audience should feel well…