Audience and Henry Lawson Essay

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What is your perspective
Who are your group of young students?
What do are they interested in?
What do you think the foreign students would be interested when travelling?
Why would they want to see what you are suggesting to Tourism Australia?
What evidence have you to support this?
What would they look for when travelling?
Personal anecdotes- what have you discovered from friends /tour operators/visiting groups/family?
Using an imperative tone- confident-
Student study groups- Sports Academy Canberra – Art Collections travelling eg Travelling Picasso exhibition
Sporting events
Music extravaganzas
Sports Academy
Tourism students Dorothea McKellar’s reading of MY COUNTRY with modern shots of Australia interspersed (scattered) throughout the poem
Top of Form
Family picture of Dorothy Mackellar– comes from an established grazier family
Bottom of Form
Rainfall brings relief to some properties in drought-ravaged Queensland
Donna Field reported this story on Friday, February 21, 2014 08:16:00
CHRIS UHLMANN: From drought to flooding rains in a matter of days - in Queensland's central west, properties are awash after a big downpour. Near the township of Alpha the river's broken its banks and hopes are high among graziers in one part of the parched land.
DONNA FIELD: Many properties in the drought-declared area were having to cart water because there was nothing left.
REBECCA COMISKEY: When you're sort of approaching the end of the growing season for grass we only had sort of eight or so weeks left of growing time for grass. Yeah, we were starting to plan our next de-stocking moves and, yeah so it's, yeah, eight inches is a lot of rain.
DONNA FIELD: Has it saved you from making some tough decisions?

REBECCA COMISKEY: Yeah, we'd already had to make quite a few tough decisions in terms of selling classes of stock we normally wouldn't like to, but the water situation was our biggest drama and we're very thankful to have our water supplies replenished.
Homework Question
Letter to the Editor
D Bailey wrote to the editor of the SMH- 01 Sep 2014 stating that today’s students shouldn’t have to study the stories and poetry of Henry Lawson and questioned whether he should be recognised as one of Australia’s iconic poets. Bailey believes the Lawson’s work is no longer relevant to a modern audience.
Write a letter to the editor in reply giving your opinion backed up with the reasons why you agree or disagree with Bailey.
Key - yellow expressive verbs, pink- noun groups, blue technique, grey effect, green link

Dear Sir,
I refer to D Bailey’s letter, SMH dated 1September suggesting that Henry Lawson should not have to be studied by today’s students. I was outraged at the very idea of removing his work from our school curriculum. Not only is he considered a notable writer but he and some of his compatriots (companion, colleague in academia) have laid the foundations (basis)of what is considered to be the “Australian identity” and precious values that are worthy even in today’s world for instance perseverance against all odds. One only has to look at his writing such as The Drover’s Wife to see how relevant his ideas are in a modern environment.
Who can deny that women are at the very centre of sanctity in family life. This is expressed throughout the story of Drover’s Wife where the wife of a drover, represents all the early frontier women who fought against almost insurmountable(not able to be overcome) hardships to keep families together whilst their husbands were away working to support their families. Lawson shows a realistic…