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Mackenzie Conrad
Audience Awareness
Part 1:

Title of the Magazine: Discover
Reader's Probable Sex: (All men?, All women?, % mix?) Mostly men, but a mix is possible.
Reader's Probable Age: (20s?, 30-50?, Teens?) 15-Adults
Reader's Probable Educational Level: (Is this magazine only for college-educated readers? Those with at least a high school education?) At least a high school education would be required to fully understand this magazine.
Reader's Probable Occupation: (Business people?, Engineers?, Homemakers?) A typical occupation for someone reading Discover would be, Engineers, Construction workers, Scientists, Doctors. Mostly anyone with a scientific background would enjoy reading this magazine.
Reader's Probable Interests: (What will the reader probably enjoy doing in his or her spare time?) A readers interests would more than likely include science, technology, or the future.
Reader's Probable Income: (Is the reader likely to be in the upper, middle, or lower income bracket?) I think that the reader would be in the upper to middle class.
Reader's Probable Bias: (What types of issues will the reader likely embrace and/or reject?) I’m sure there would be because people reading this magazine could be studying the same material on their own time and that could make them have a biased opinion.
Probable Reading Environment: (Where will the magazine probably be read?) This magazine could be read anywhere in all honesty. When I think of any magazine’s being read, I think of them sitting in a doctors office waiting room.
Other Comments: (Can you make any other assumptions about the reader, such as the reader's political affiliation, membership to specific organizations, religion, etc.?)

Part 2:

In the article, "She Thinks My Tractor (Beam) is Sexy", by Breanna Draxler that was found in the Discovery Magazine, showed a great example on how an article should be written to address a certain audience. First off, before even reading the article, the title grabbed my attention very efficiently. Seeing this catchy title got my attention, (my as in the typical college student that doesn’t have an idea about tractor beams) I think that it was written well to adapt people who may not know much about the topic. “While the country song by this title refers to tractors in an agricultural context, the tractor beam is actually a theoretical physics concept.” This sentence is successful in how she, the author, targets the audience. It is simple and explanatory which is what exactly needed in this article. She does this many times throughout the entire piece. It is a very technical, detailed piece and in my opinion it was easily understood by me and at the same time, could be great for a scientist studying tractor beams as well. I say this because she uses a specific example that…