Audience Feedback And Evaluation

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Audience feedback and Evaluation

After completing my college magazine and posting it onto my blog I received feedback from my target audience. While producing my college magazine I had my strengths as well as the weaknesses. I used InDesign to do my contents page on which in my opinion is much easier compared to using Photoshop for the front cover. I think the contents page went very well as I have used InDesign before. Also taking pictures for the contents page was very easy to take as it didn’t have to be a specific angle or size. I really like the layout of my contents page and how easy it was to make it look simple but sophisticated. From the feedback I got given through my blog Jason said ‘ I like the way your contents page is looking really organised’ I agree with him like I said, it also backs up my opinion on my contents page. I struggled with placing pictures on InDesign as it was difficult to get the right size and in the perfect position. An in the finished product for the contents page the first and third picture looks perfect but the middle picture does look a bit out of place as Jason says through a comment on my blog ‘picture in the middle is looking really out of place’ I do agree with him as it does look a little out of proportion. I think coming up with college news for the magazine contents page was a little difficult.
On my contents page I personally think that not many things need to be improved. And from audience feedback I think many people agree as they only commented on the size of the middle picture which is smaller than others and looks odd. But I think I could make minor changes such as maybe making October’s font size smaller so it isn’t similar to the ‘Contents’. Also I could off added a background but I do like the idea of a clean, plain simple background which makes it look sophisticated and simple.
On my front cover I had way more problems compared to my contents page. But a few things did go well. From audience feedback Kamran said ‘ on the front cover the colours are very consistent and eye catchy’ I disagree with him because I think the background colour isn’t the best colour for the background maybe a picture for the background could have been better. Zac also said the colour of the background may not appeal to my target audience as it does seem a little dull and bland. From my