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A big problem in classrooms today is ADHD. Right and left kids are being diagnosed with Add or ADHD and are being loaded up on prescription pills. While these pills may help some kids pay attention and stop acting out in class, it certainly doesn’t get to the root of the problem. I believe the root to this whole problem is a poor diet. Children today (especially in America) are nutritionally starving. This is what causes them to have the inability to sit still in class and pay attention. The brains are simply starving for some good healthy food, which they are not getting at all. With a change in diet child behavior can be changed drastically without the using of these harmful drugs. Instead of parents “drugging” their kids up every day with sugar-laden snacks, they should start sending them with more fruits and vegetables. Schools also must fix up the food they are offering their students; the lunch menus in America today are extremely nutritionally unbalanced.

Recently, many states started to legalize Marijuana. All a person needs is some silly doctors note that their left pinky is hurting them and they can buy enough Marijuana to keep them busy with for days. I believe that there is no reason under the sun to justify this. Besides for the people who absolutely need it like cancer patience suffering from immense pain, no one else should be given access to it. Marijuana causes people to be lazy, and unmotivated which is the last thing we as Americans who are already very