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Audit plan template
Audit plan details
Luscious Bites details
Auditor contact details

Telephone (w):
Telephone (m):
The auditee may need to query and negotiate issues prior to accepting the audit plan.
Auditee contact details
Contact person:

Telephone (w):
Telephone (m):
You may need to clarify details with the auditee before you proceed.
The location to be audited

The location must be agreed upon by both parties.
The scope of the audit
Standards, codes & legislation size of business no of sites no of employees industry: type of products processing technologies hours of operations technical expert required? team or solo audit? which languages spoken?
This includes a summary of the areas to be audited and the references against which the auditee will be assessed for compliance.
The scheduled time and proposed duration of the audit, including desk audit, site audit and delivery of final report.

Both parties need to understand and agree on the time and likely duration of the desk audit, site audit and preparation of the report. While the exact times cannot be guaranteed there needs to be some guideline estimate understood between the parties involved.
Date for receipt of desk audit documentation and time frame for review of documentation

The desk audit may be arranged in advance of the site audit and can be an important means of previewing and clarifying issues prior to the site audit.
The preliminary agenda for the site audit

An agenda will give the auditee ability to manage their daily work operations while the audit proceeds.