Achievements Of Augustus

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Ty Gellinger 11/29/11

Achievements Augustus

The power of Rome for many centuries was held by the senate, which is a group of men of the wealthiest families in Rome. They made all the political and military decisions for Rome. Under the Senate the romans conquered many lands such as the entire Italian peninsula, southern france, Spain, and northern Africa. After the conquering of many of these lands the armies became independent and created civil wars in the land. Much of the Roman empire was corrupt and falling apart. Three generals Crassus, Pompey, and Julius Caesar formed an alliance, they kept the senate but left it with little power and say. The senate was worried about Julius Caesar he was power hungry and very
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So that none of the people in the provinces should suffer any improper treatment or extortion by other people. The Senate then states that the security of the surrounding provinces is brought up by Augustus. They then follow his decree that extortions and wrong done to their provinces will be taken care of better and properly in the future. In a inscription found in the city of Narbonne it is stated. that may it be favorable and good to the emperor Augustus son of a god and father of his country. The people of Narbonne worship Augustus for what he has done, they make sacrifices to him in an alter on the 23rd of september his birth. And many other days of significance such as the day he took command of the Empire the 1st of January. Horace in the the Odes praises Augustus for all his victories and successes, he states that he has brought back fertile crops to the land. restored the republic and military standard. He expanded the borders of the empire while instilling peace in the land. He is praised and worshiped for all he has done for the people and he will be remembered in songs and hymns. Suetonius in Life of Augustus, tells of the senate acclimating Augustus for all the good he has brought Rome and the much happiness and prosperity. Augustus says he has made his goals come true and only wishes that he will stay in the senate’s unanimous approval. From the book Roman History, Dio Cassius states that although the romans despised a monarchy they actually installed one