Auschwitz Concentration Camp and Lap Dancing Essay

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Two British travel agents have caused controversy by offering tours of Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland to stag parties. One of the packages includes a bar crawl through Krakow and a visit to a lap dancing club, followed by a tour of the former prison sites the next day. Holocaust survivors and their families think this is outrageous as do many others; however, some think it is a good idea.
Firstly, I think that it should not be used for stag do’s because it is a very a serious place that shows a very emotional piece of world history, however stag do’s are stereotypically loud and the men dress up and act immaturely before the wedding. This would be very disrespectful of Auschwitz, the people who lost their lives and the survivors because they would not treat it as a serious and eye-opening place if there are lap dancers and alcohol, they will not appreciate the devastation caused in the Holocaust.
However on the other hand, a quote from a worker at the stag do programme says ‘Our groups are accompanied by guides and they’re wholly respectful. I would be very shocked if anyone turned up in fancy dress - if they did I doubt they’d be let in.’ This shows that the visit is taken very seriously and the men at the stag do are fully aware of the seriousness and thought needed to attend Auschwitz. The quote also shows that the men are very closely supervised and are not let in if they are not acting sensible, it also says that the men are very respectful of Auschwitz.