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Page 25

“She was howling, pointing through the window: Look! Look at this fire This terrible fire! Have mercy on me!”

Mrs. Schachter who is the woman that Elie Wiesel mentioned during his trip to Auschwitz and is also the

woman that is saying this passage in the novel. This passage fits into the novel because Mrs. Schacter is

foreshadowing and describing the horrible fate that awaits for so many Jews at the concentration camp in


This passage horrifies me because she was foreshadowing the fate of many Jews who arrived in Auschwitz.

it is also horrifying to know that people that thought she was crazy realized that her prediction was true

when they arrived at the concentration camp. The language the author uses to describe this passage is

graphic because when you read this passage you can imagine the pain and crying that the people felt in

the crematorium.

Page 28

“In front of us, those flames. In the air, the smell of burning flesh. It must have been around midnight. We had arrived. In Birkenau.”

This passage fits into the novel because the Birkenau made Elie Wiesel suffer so much pain while in this

place he questioned his religion he has gotten whipped, punished seen his dad go through so many beatings

Elie Wiesel saw people get shot and hanged he saw a child get hanged but in the end he came out normal

but he was left with painful memories.

This passage is meaningful because it is the start of Elie Wiesel painful journey in Auschwitz. Most of the

novel setting is at the concentration camp in Auschwitz. The author is Elie Wisel wrote this book to

describe his journey and memories in Auschwitz this is all why this passage is meaningful in the novel.

this passage makes me feel sad because Elie Wiesel was to young to see all this pain and to smell

the burning flesh of people seeing this probably traumatized Elie Wiesel.

Page 31

“Dr. Mengele the notorious Dr. Mengele . He looked like a typical SS officer: a cruel though not unintelligent, face, complete with monocle.

This passage fit into the novel because he was the person who decided the fate of Jews who were at

Auschwitz and played an important role in WW2. Dr. Mengele was also known for doing medical

experiments on Jews that he picked from the concentration camps to better improve the German race.

In this passage the author uses powerful language like notorious that means Elie Wiesel knew Dr.

Mengele because he did a bad deed that Elie knew about. And Elie was terrified because if he didn’t

say the right answer to Dr. Mengele when he was interviewing Elie Wiesel would have died because

Elie knew that Dr. Mengele decided his fate and all the Jews that were in Auschwitz.

Page 33

“ For the first, I felt anger rising within me. Why should I sanctify His name? The Almighty, the eternal and terrible Master of the Universe, chose to be silent. What was there to thank Him for?”

This passage fits into the story because in this passage is where Elie Wiesel started to get angry and gave

up on his religion and doubted God he lost all hope in this passage and just started to think of the future. In

this passage is sad because if a concentration camp was this horrible to give up your faith your religion.

then Auschwitz is truly a horrible place.

This passage made me feel sad because Elie was faithful to his religion he was a child that was full of faith

and was living a happy life but then all of a sudden him and his family get taken away to a concentration

camp and loses everything and then eventually his faith in God and his religion.

Page 67

“ Why, but why should I bless Him? Every fiber in me rebelled. Because He caused thousands of children to burn in his mass graves? Because he kept six crematoria working day and night, including Sabbath and the Holy