Auschwitz Concentration Camps Essay

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Good morning Mr. Newman and fellow class mates, today I’m going to present to you my project on Mila 18 and on Auschwitz concentration camps.
Q#1 : So first off my segment of the book is from page 522-544. The dates of the story start approximately at the end of april 1948.
Q#2 : last time as Offir presented his project we remember 2 things
- the Nazi Germans try multiple time to capture the ghetto and they fail to infiltrate Mila 18
- the Nazi Germans drop bombs on the ghetto and burn down and destroy almost every single building.

Q#3 : list all the important plot elements

- after the battles that took place in the ghetto it is completely burned down
- Rodel and his men are looking for a place to hide as the German soldiers are closing in on them.
- They were getting closer and closer, and right before they discovered his men Rodel diverted the attention of the German soldiers from his men to himself to give them a chance to escape
- By doing so he managed to kill a couple of soldiers shortly before he died
- He did something that I find completely selfless and heroic he gave his life to save his fellow soldiers
- On the 20th day Oberführer Funk planned an extermination of the ghetto even with the resistance still fighting back he had his men go from block to block blowing up the bunkers and poisoned the sewers .
- In 3 days the Germans had located and destroyed 150 bunkers filled with Jews.
- The Germans had figured out a new way to lure and kill the Jews.
- They started placing supplies, food and water out in the open.
- They would capture and torture the children and their mothers until they would reveal the locations of the bunkers and the remaining members of the resistance.
- By the end of the 23d day the Germans had captured 1500 men that were nearly dead and transported them to Umchlagplatz.
- The 24th day, Andrei Androvski, who was responsible of assembling the remainders of the members of the resistance managed to round up 216 fighters
- He and his men had pushed the Germans out of the ghetto and captured all the food and supplies the Germans had used as bait.
- When Oberführer Funk was informed of what was going on he shot one of his men to death for no reason just out of pure frustration
- CHAPTER 19 -In Alexander Brandel’s journal entry, he explains how everyone around him is either dead or dying.
- He wrote : “ I want death to take me” that’s how bad things are in the ghetto.
- Even though alexander is an atheist he begs god to keep Christopher de Monti alive for he is the only one who knows where the works of the good fellowship club are buried.
- The Germans patrols were increasing as the number of fighters of the resistance were diminishing (comparison between David and goliath)
- The Jewish Forces had survived almost 1 month and had enough ammunition and supplies to last them a week or two.
- The German soldiers now had a foot hold in the north near Muranowski place
- As Andrei was planning an attack in his head he was heading towards the Mila 18 bunker and stumbled upon a patrol of Germans
- The only way in the bunker was to take out the patrol or else the entrance would be discovered and it was to high of a risk.
- To get closer Andrei made a smart move and threw a brick in the opposite direction of where he was going.
- As the Germans were shooting he quickly made is way to a fallen structure directly above the 6 soldiers.
- With his gun Gaby jammed he threw a grenade and took out the rest of the soldiers with his bear hands.
- He took all their rifles , pistols ammo and water and all of this happened in under 1minute and made it safe to the bunker before he or the entrance could be discovered.
- Once he arrived they regrouped
- They counted 300 fighters food and water for 5 or 6 days and enough ammo to sustain one more encounter of the German soldiers.
- Simon and Andrei were planning to raid Przebieg gate since they were supplying the Muranowski place