Essay on Auschwitz: Nazi Germany and Major Concentration Camps

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The Holocaust was a devastating event that occurred during World War ll, even people today get emotional when they speak of it. The Holocaust was a time period when “Nazis were out to murder all Jews” (The “Holocaust” 2). During the Wannsee Conference on December 12, 1941, Hitler announced his plan called The Final Solution. His plan was to exterminate all European Jews. After this announcement, six major concentration camps were established all throughout Europe (The “Holocaust” 2). Auschwitz was one of the six major concentration camps spread across Europe during World War ll, but the causalities here were incredibly higher than all the others. With roughly 9 million Jews murdered in the Holocaust all together, “About 1.1 million Jews were killed in Auschwitz, largely in the gas chambers” (The “Holocaust” 2). The gas chambers were disguised as shower houses, about 70-80% of new arrivals were sent directly to them. Nazis would tell the Jews that they were going to be cleaned and disinfected in the shower houses- which was a massive lie. The Jews would be marched to the shower houses “only to be killed by cyanide gas that streamed out of the showerheads” (“Auschwitz” 1). If the Jews were not sent straight to the gas chambers, they would either be sent to the prison camp or the labor camp. In the Nazis’ eyes it was easy to determine who went to what camp, “the able-bodied were assigned to the labor camp. Women, children, the elderly, and those in poor health were all sent straight to the gas