Australia and Fiji Essay

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The islands of Fiji Warm climate, sunny & sandy beaches, inviting people, ocean activities & much more. A place many people come to visit is the beautiful islands of Fiji. Fiji has so many unique qualities that intrigue tourists. As a tour guide I have seen so many different things around these islands. Here are some special things about Fiji that interest me and may interest you as well. Fiji is a group of 330 beautiful islands located in the South Pacific Ocean, with an estimated population of 859,000. The islands of Fiji sit in between the island of Hawaii and New Zealand. Fiji is calm and relaxed. It is completely free of evils, such as malaria, landmines, or terrorism. Fiji is known for its beauty is very inviting to many tourists and locals. Many retired people live here as well. Come on people; let me show you some of Fiji’s most famous land forms.
Do you like to hike beautiful mountain trails? Well in Fiji we have many Mountains to explore. Along these trails you may run into a towering waterfall or a boiling spring! But be careful, many unexpected things happen in Fiji. Do you enjoy swimming through clear, majestic waters, to find a colorful coral reef? Well you’re in luck, because we have some of the most beautiful coral reefs in the world. Some of the other sites to see and places to wander are the surreal tropical rainforests and the historical volcanoes. Just wait until you see the inhabitance of our amazing island. Surprised yet? Our animal population is so very diverse! We have many different iguana species that includes the very rare crested iguana. We also have the monkey faced flying fox! Whoa! What a mouthful!!! Another animal we have living on our important islands is the fruit bat. A very beautiful specimen if you ask me! But you can’t forget about our iguanas…