Australia Childhood Foundation Exposition Essay

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Australian Childhood Foundation

The Australian Childhood Foundation is a charity that raises money and homes abused and neglected children. The Australian Childhood Foundation works to give children back their childhoods that have been stolen from them through no fault of their own. They work to help children who have only known fear, anger, shame, loneliness and the deepest hurt to re-connect with the world: to learn to trust , to feel safe, to develop self-confidence, to laugh, to play, to dream, to imagine, to hope, and to be loved.

First of all, the abuse and neglect that children receive is too much for them to handle on their own. Abuse and Neglected children are more likely to be self destructive or aggressive, to abuse drugs and/or alcohol, or become young offenders or “street kids”. In some situations abuse and neglect may result in permanent physical damage.

In the longer term, adults who have been abused as children are also more likely to abuse their own children and often experience difficulties in forming satisfactory relationships with other adults. Do you want the vicious cycle of child abuse and child neglect to continue or do you want to help by donating to a charity that can try to end it at its early stages?

People don’t understand the magnitude of child abuse and neglect. Imagine your best friend, you know the one with the psychological issues, the one that sees a counsellor or psychologist. For six years they were abused as a child from the age of 7 to 13. They now have to go see a counsellor/psychologist for 2 days every week to check in to make sure that they