Australia in the 20th Century and Now Essays

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Information Report: Australia in the 20th Century and now
Australia in the beginning the century is very different in comparison to the Australia we are living in right now. There are differences in fashion, leisure and entertainment, hygiene expectation of women and their rights, education and work. These differences also differ depending on which social class you are in. Now the Australia in 2013 many things have been changed and improved.
Clothing in the 20th century has been improved as the fashion from 1901 was not suitable for our warm climate. They were not comfortable either. Their clothes were heavy and thick which covered their whole body. Females also had to wear corsets which was so tight along the waist it even caused some back injuries. Many men wore hats outside which the size represented which class they were in. Today there is a wide range of clothing that comes in different styles and colours. They are more comfortable as they are made from thinner fabric thus showed more skin.
In the 1900s popular leisure activities included picnics, going to beaches, listening to music with the gramophon, reading, gambling and dancing. Sunday was a special day for people because the Sabbath was observed which means shops and factories were closed so that people could attend church and later in the afternoon they would have their free time. Unlike now there was no television or computers to keep them entertainment. Thankfully electricity was soon invented thus the invention of telephones was made.
Australia also had a low sense of hygiene and caught many diseases. The main killers were tuberculosis, typhoid, diarrhoea and diphtheria. If they did catch a disease or became sick they were not able to go the doctors as they were very expensive so they would try to cure themselves. In Australia now diseases are easily prevented with vaccines and be cured with medicine. Doctors and hospitable price is reasonable and is clean and trustworthy.
In the 20th century women was expected to get married, have children and stay at