Australia Post Worker Speech Essay

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1. Today I am going to be talking about an occupation I am interested in which is postal delivery.
This occupation intrigues me due to its constant pace and never dull work.
Even though this job seems simplistic and straight-forward, the long and extensive shifts worked are usually stressful because of the short amount of time given to deliver mail around an entire suburb. 2. The work starts at the Mail Depot at 6am, at which time the mail sorting takes place. The mail is sorted into bundles and placed into special, weather-proof bags attached to the motorcycle. The run begins at __________, where the ‘postie’ usually has to travel roughly 5/10 minutes to the first address. This continues until all addressed mail has been delivered to the correct address and ends at the outskirts of _____________. This work is extremely difficult due to the mail being delivered in every weather condition whether it be rain, hail, snow, shine or even a atomic radioactive meltdown. 3. The main positives of this work are seeing the faces of many elderly and young people receiving mail from the ‘postie’ and having an excited smile for the duration of being there and the total atmosphere of riding on footpaths legally is pretty cool too. Some negatives are the unexpected clean-up days causing mass-chaos and difficulty for the rider and having dogs or recently billed people chasing you and snapping at your ankles. The positives always outweigh the negatives in this job however, due to…