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Geography Essay
I agree that Australia has many strong links with the Asia – Pacific region as well as the rest of the world. These links include: migration, trade, communication, aid, culture, sport, defence and tourism.
Migration is usually the permanent movement of people between nations. This is most likely Australia’s strongest link with the rest of the world as many people believe that Australia is practically built upon international migration and because so many people from so many countries are coming to Australia we have a diverse range of culture also. In fact, about half a million people arrive in Australian shores every year. Of those half a million people migrating to Australia about, 13% are from Britain or New Zealand, 7% from China, 6% from India and 5% are from South Africa. Migrants from around the world have a massive impact on Australia’s population levels and in fact, about 25%, one quarter of our population were born overseas.
Trade is the movement of goods, services and ideas between countries. Australia has always been a trading nation, always importing goods such as cars, clothes, electoral appliances etc. Importing more goods from other countries has, of course, benefited us in many ways but relying so much on them has damaged our economy. So much reliance on imported products causes trade deficits where the value of imports has exceeded that of exports. Also foreign debt has become an issue. Since the 1980’s, our debts has almost increased 30 times from $19 billion to $527 billion.
Communication is the sending or passing on of information especially by electronic or mechanical means. Australia, being physically quite far from the rest of the world, has relied a lot on modern communication services in order to keep in contact. Today, we have many forms of communication and sometimes connecting with people on the other side of the planet is instant. These include telephone, fax, email or instant messaging. Of course, our biggest advancement is the World Wide Web where we can find information around the globe instantly. These forms take down the barriers of being so far away from everyone else and connect us with the globe immediately.
Aid is money resources that are given or lent to poor or developing nations by wealthier developed nations. Australia’s international aid program is one of the first in the world. It mainly focuses on our region, the Asia Pacific region. Our largest precipitant of aid has been Papua New Guinea. Australia’s total contribution was $840 million back in the 80s. In the next decade it would reach 1.4 billion and as of 2007, it would double and reach 2.9 billion.
Through tourism and sport Australia receives many benefits since both industries are of a great economic