Australian Alpines Essay

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The Australian Alps

Good afternoon.
The Australian Alps are the highest moutain range of Australia, and is located in south-eastern Australia. This range is home to sixteen national parks and reserves including Kosciuszko National Park and covers more than five million hectares.
The Australian Alps are an important to native flora and fauna, protecting two hundred species of birds, thirty species of reptiles, fifteen amphibians, fourteen species of native fish, forty species of mammals and many species of invertarbrates. There are also many introduced species including dogs, cats, pigs, horses, the house mouse, the European rabbit, the black rat and the red fox. Other than fauna, the alps protect many species of flora, such as yellow billy buttons, pink trigger plants, white snow and many other plants.
The Australian Alps are found interesting for studies of the natural systems, geology, plants and animals. The Alps are also recognised as a major tourist attraction in winter for skiing and in warmer months for recreation and hiking.
The Alps are facing many problems, introduced species are taking over the native flora and fauna, such as the blackberry. This plant is capable of growing excessively creating a tangle of dense arching stems which prevents native plants from attaining sunlight.
Imate change is one of the major problems facing the world today
Climate change is also a major problem. Some obvious problems occuring in the alps are fewer snow covered days…