Australian Democrats Essay

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History of the Democrats * Formed in 1977 * Merger of Australia Party and New Liberal Movement * Principals from each party convinced the former liberal minister – Don Chipp * Based on the principles of honesty, tolerance, compassion and direct democracy through postal ballots of all members, so that "there should be no hierarchical structure * first representatives of green politics at the federal level in Australia * The first Parliamentarian was Senator Janine Haines. December 1977 * The motivating force for this was a desire for a party where ordinary people could have real say on policies and directions. * It won its first parliamentary seat when Robin Millhouse was elected to the State Parliament in South Australia. * In the 1977 December election, the obtained 11.1% nationally and elected two senators, Leader Don Chipp in Victoria and Colin Mason in NSW * 1980 election – won three more seats in the senate; Victoria, QLD and South Australia * Held five seats in the Senate on the 1st July 1981 * This brought the party's total Senate representation to five and gave the Australian Democrats the balance of power in the Senate. * Don Chipp retired in 1986 * Party members chose Janine Haines to lead. She was first female federal parliamentary leader of an Australian political party * Senate election in 1987 – double dissolution called by Bob Hawke, reducing the quota to 7.7% - winning 3 candidates a six year…