Australian Dream Speech Analysis

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Podcast one

Stan Grant: IQ2 Racism Debate: Stan was born to a black father and a white mother. He gives a speech reflecting on the “Australian Dream” from a perspective of an indigenous person. He believes that racism is the main factor that is killing the Australian dream. He went further to explain the racism that is happening in contemporary Australia. Stan argument has been based on the mistreatment of an indigenous man by the name Adam. Adam is an Australian football player and indigenous. He is a successful indigenous man well known by the public and has achieved great award such as the Australian of the year. While playing a football match he was booed by fans. This act of booing Adam has called for a debate on what is the meaning
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However that dream is disappearing, the Australia today is not the Australia we knew in the days it was all about caring, sharing and motivating each other, but everything has changed for instance In the case of Adam. He was booed because his celebration reflected on the indigenous Australia culture. When has freedom of expression has become a problem in Australia? Does race actually matter in sport? Does celebrating in a different way is against Australian values and norms? The question is simple no. Adam have should have a sense of belonging, he belong there. He has he freedom to celebrate anyhow once it is not against the law. I hear the term “go back to where you come from” even though that person is an Australia but have different race. In the case of the black community, when something happened on the news some comments from people are disgraceful like African should be deported back to for missing but forgetting to know if not only Africa missing behave. It doesn’t matter if you are white, black, Asian, indigenous, rather every individual needs to be held responsible for his or her actions. Yes, racism is in Australia but if we can up hold the Australia dream for what is stands for, Australia can we a great nation as it ready