Australian History Essay

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The turn of the century marked a harsh, dangerous and unsanitary time in comparison to current standards. It was said, however, that Australia was the ‘working man’s paradise.’ There were few activities for citizens to enjoy.
Public entertainment was found both indoors and outdoors. These activities proved to be enjoyable family events. The most popular forms of public entertainment included theatre, carnivals as well as the beach.
People were able to visit the beach at their leisure, but only according to certain rules and regulations. When visiting the beach you had to be fully clothed. Instead of surfing the waves, or swimming amongst them, it was only acceptable to wet your feet. The government believed that men and women would not be permitted to swim amongst each other. Hence they created separate areas for men and women as well as different time sessions in order to allow women to bathe.
In the late 19th century to the early 20th century, theatre was going through its golden years, with theatre in high demand due to the increasing population. Through many plays the ‘White Australian policy ‘was demonstrated, depicting whites with power and status. This lead to a gain in popularity and according to an article written in the Argus, a newspaper released on June 28th 1909, the play “White Australia, or the empty north” was “received by an immense house, in high spirits” and was played each evening until further notice. The play is abundantly peppered with patriotic…