Australian Immigration Advantages

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This essay will examine how immigration is advantage to Australia. In terms of the integration of immigrants in Australian society and the economic benefits by skilled immmigrants.

Australia is a multicultural country, which has a good integration system. Almost 23.9% of Australian residents were born aboard according to Department of Immigration and Citizenship (2008). Immigrants could affect on countries by changing the social and ethnic composition of cities and neighbourhoods (Hartwich, 2011). According to Hartwich (2011) immigrants can be a risk for the society and may affect negatively on culture as well. However, there are advantages of integrating immigrants into Australian society. Firstly, Australia could have the most superior
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The economic growth of Australia has been increasing by high skilled immigration in terms of labour market according to New South Wales Government (2011). According to Borjas (1995) immigrants who have skills are providing benefits to the economy. One the other hand, Dustman and Preston (2006) argued that the disadvantage as a consequence of using public services by immigrants more than born native, the taxes could be created for the country that host them. In contrast, the demand on services and goods will increase by immigrants, which result in creating more jobs and increase the income for their new country (Nannestad, 2007). Furthermore, the income also increases by tax contribution of skilled immigrants. According to Bahn (2012) the contribution of skilled immigrants in taxes is more than Australian labourers. Moreover, by 2050 the income tax will increase by assimilating of 300,000 skilled immigrants annually (Bahn, 2012). Additionally, skilled immigrants workers pay almost 27% tax higher than Australian native born labourers (Bahn, 2012). Those workers contribute about 24% in the construction industry in terms of tax that higher than Australian workers (Bahn, 2012). This can be benefit to Australian economy to increase its income by skilled immigrants workers. According to Migration Council of Australia those immigrants’ education also are higher than Australian residents especially the immigrants who arrive Australia on a student visa. Moreover, they pay the whole costs for their education, which helps the Australian government budget more than Australian native born backed by the government according to Migration Council of Australia. In short, the contribution of economic growth by skilled immigration is beneficial to help Australian economy