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JULY 24, 2012

Running header: PORSCHE 2 Porsche producing company is an automobile company that started with the production of Porsche vehicles aimed for the wealthy. Similar to other organizations, it understands the customer preference, and the fundamental aspect for booming product sales includes the following: quality, name, reputation, and the ability to make sales to the target market. To provide a thorough analysis of how the Porsche Company has survived in the marker and how it has been able to maintain the old product while creating new products.
Porsche is a well-known name in the super car industry and has been for over 60 years. The vehicle’s excellent reputation in offering customers performance, luxury and speed all wrapped up in one package. Most buyers of Porsche see the vehicle as a form of a relationship. As buyers some are completely mesmerized by the sheek classical beauty of the vehicle. They look at the way the vehicle feels when they slip into the driver’s seat as if it’s a smooth piece of clothing, the sound of the vehicle and above all the smooth ride that it gives the driver. The original idea of the Porsche Company was to produce classy vehicles only for the wealthy but in 1900 they put the poor into consideration producing affordable ones, This move made them recommendable amount of sales in 1970 and 1980. “Company Case Porsche (2010).” This came from the company’s belief that the low-priced vehicles would significantly inject more sales into the company. This however did not impress the original customers of the company because they thought that their image was tainted by the production of less priced vehicles. Typical Porsche owners are successful men or women who desire the finer things in life and a sleekly design Porsche gives them the thrill of a lifetime. The Porsche buyer doesn’t concern themselves with size, economy or practicality, but the way the vehicle looks.
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Porsche customers make their decisions for purchasing the vehicle based on the uniqueness of the vehicle and the high appeal it gives them. Porsche customers took notice of the new models, the Cayenne and the Panamera and once they put the vehicle on the road their opinion did not sway them from the Porsche nor did it meet the level of performance that the Porsche provided and remain loyal to the Porsche. Certain buying behavior for Porsche owners can be defined as a thorough decision process when it involves the purchasing of a highly designed vehicle.
Developing consumer attitudes towards brands like Porsche created a move by Porsche to put the poor into