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Title: Explain why overseas study at Australian Universities is popular? Over the years, the popularity of studying at Australian Universities has increased rapidly and most international student’s favourite overseas study are among Asians. The term “overseas study” can be defined as studying tertiary education undertaken abroad for non-Australian students in undergraduate or postgraduate level. This essay will discuss three main reason for the popularity of studying at Australian Universities which are the quality of education, social environment and natural environment.

The first reason for the popularity of studying at Australia universities is due to the reputation for high standard of education. Over the years, Australia universities have always been ranked in the top hundred universities in the world and with the reputation for excellence in education, the number of international students coming to study in Australia has increased. With the high standard of education, many international students also come to Australia for the sake of having a promising future. In light of this, international students are able to have better job opportunities wither in Australia or their home country as these students have been taught by qualified lectures who are the best in their profession.

Second reason relates to Australia’s multicultural society and secure environment. Australia is a multicultural society that contributes from the number of migration and overseas student. It is universally known that Australia is an immigrant country which racial discrimination is less than other countries and international students are least to be affected by culture shock. The country is also a secure place to live in where crime rates are low due to Australia’s strict anti-gun and drug law. All of these allow them to create an understanding community and thus the international students do not have to worry about their safety when robbery and assault are not likely to happen. The third reason contributes to Australia is their natural…