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Merlin I am Your Father As I was riding horseback chasing the young King Arthur because his training had began. Every time I got within roping distance I would give a big swing of my stick and ropes would fly out to grab Arthur. I know this training doesn’t seem ethical but its how all good kings should be trained. I know that Arthur will be the next king because I have the power to look far into the future and Arthur will be the greatest of all the kings to ever live. I was beginning to come up on Arthur’s back when he stops and shouts, “Holy Grail” as it hits him in the head a knocks him out. Minutes later he wakes up and I tell him what has happened. I told him, “Well obviously there was a grail that was Holy from the last supper and I reckon that I hit you up the head because you must be the chosen one least that’s what I have seen in my visions.”
So as we were heading back to Camelot to show what Arthur has been given from the heavens above. When we were about 3 miles from the kingdom my evil father that died when I was younger rose from the dead. He was the man who taught me all my magical powers but wanted me to use them for bad but I chose differently. Arthur began to panic because he had no clue who this dark man is but I had to refrain him from panicking. My father began to mock me and Arthur. So I told Arthur to step back, my father and I are going to have an epic wizard battle. I let my father begin first; he turned his evil body into a small rat and came straight for my pearly white beard. I had to act quickly so I thought; what is the one thing that rats are most scared so bam! I morphed into an elephant. As Arthur fell to the ground laughing because everyone knows that elephants are terrified of rats. I thought to myself and tried to come up with something new and all I could think of was a dog, so what the heck bam! I morphed myself into a dog. Now I chose a respectable animal and forced my father to think of something.
Holy Crap! He turned into animal control and used a tranquillizer. So now the next thing I morphed to was an abnormally large bear with super