Essay Autho Passion And Fall Love With Wirite

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Autho passion and fall love with wirite was inspired by a love for family, and the various intricacies of life itself.

Form the age of two or three author learned that “ any room in our house, at any time of day, was there to read in, or to read to’(19) By the time she was five or six, she recalls securing that sense if ‘hidden ovserver’ (22)diligently monitoring and recording various subtleties of those people and things that surrounded her. She writes, “A conscious act grew out of this by the time I began to write stories: getting my distance, a prerequisite of my understanding human events, is the way I begin work”

First involveing a significant memory of Welty’s childhood

Welty’s appreciation for mrmory as a function of writing stems from her mutual apprecitation for the events of her childhood."It took the mountain top, it seems to me now, to give me the sensation of independence. It was as if I’d discovered something I’d never tasted before in my short life. Or rediscovered it—for I associated it with the taste of the water that came out of the well … The coldness, the far, unseen, unheard springs of what was in my mouth now, the iron strength of its flavor that drew my cheeks in, its fern-laced smell, all said mountain mountain mountain as I swallowed. Every swallow was making me a part of being here, sealing me in place, with my bare feet planted on the mountain and sprinkled with my rapturous spills. What I felt I’d come here to do was something on my own" .

Second discuss the nature