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Antoinette Moore
January 21, 2015
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Dr. Shalandra Stanley

Author Study: Don & Audrey Wood Don Wood was raised by his parents on a farm in Central Valley of California. On this farm they raised things such as: grapes, almonds, and sweet potatoes (“, 2014”). Don’s father was of course the head man over the farm. He was a farmer and Don’s mother was a full time elementary school teacher. In the sixth grade, Don decided that he wanted to be an artist. He had no time to draw during the summer because he was too busy working the farm. When winter time came around, he began drawing uncontrollably. By the age of 12, Don and his brothers were working acres at a time on the farm, being paid wages as if they were full grown working men. One thing that bothered Don the most was finding paper large enough to draw on. A day came that changed his life forever, Don’s mother decided to iron the crinkle paper that the laundry came in, and he was pretty excited that he had paper big enough to cover the entire table (“, 2014”). “At least, a giant piece of paper” (Don Wood). He later grew up and attended The University of California and graduated with a degree in art. Immediately following graduation, he pursued a degree at Berkley. After attending the school for six months, he met and later married his wife, Audrey. Later, he illustrated a few of her children picture books.
Audrey Wood, who’s father was as art student, embarked on a great territory which would be the guide of her successful career (, 2014). Her father repainted circus murals as his source of income for their family. At the age of 2, Audrey and her parents relocated to Mexico where they both studied art. Audrey decided that she wanted to be an artist just like her father when she became an adult. By the time she was in the third or fourth grade, her dreams changed and she decided that she wanted to illustrate and write children’s books (, 2014). She had a passion for imparting into children. Later on in life, she married Don Wood and on their honey wood, she read a children’s book called “At the Back of North Wind.” After their son turned 2 years old, Audrey began to read picture books to him and she then began to embrace her new passion for writing children books. Don & Audrey Wood are a great example or a married power couple. They began collaborative work on children's literature about six or seven years after their marriage. Their first book together was entitled Moonflute. The Wood’s couple eagerness and passion as a couple led them to publishing and illustrating quite a few award winning children books, which included: Heckedy Peg, The Big Hungry Bear, Piggies and last, but not least an old time favorite, The Napping House. Some of the awards include: The Young Readers Award (1988) and Nevada Children's Book Award (1988). Also, in 1986 the book