Authority and the Individuak Essay

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How does DPS and CGC explore/identify the tensions/conflict between the idea of A&I???

The paradoxical nature of the relationship between Authority and the Individual forcibly creates tensions within itself as through differing actions conflicting reactions may also occur. Jurisdictive figures will often hold a contradictory perspective when compared to that of the distinct which leads to the throttling of the nonconformist ‘voice’, of freedom. This clash can brood into rebellion of the individual against the conformist, restrictive nature of the authority, creating further pressures. Through the study of the texts ‘Dead Poet’s Society’ by Tom Schulman (film) and ‘A Change Is Gonna Come’ by Sam Cooke (song) much can be derived on the issues raised by the correlation of authoritarian powers and distinctive bodies.

Due to the commanding and powerful state of authoritarianism, individualistic peoples typically hold contrasting viewpoints against a stronger, dominative group leading to heightened confrontations between the two figures. In the scene of Dead Poet’s Society used to establish the outdoor environment of Welton Academy a group of schoolboys are shown manning a rowboat, led by a teacher. The teacher, an administrative power, is directing the schoolboys using numbers for identification instead of names, displaying the supreme force’s perspective in regards to the boys. This use of objectification highlights the dehumanisation of the individualistic figures in the face of authority as their viewpoints as human beings are overruled. As the boys continue to paddle