Authority: Political Philosophy and Government Essay

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The Importance of Authority
Authority is the power to determine, control, influence and command. It gives the “authorities” the power to direct the actions and thoughts of others. Authority is needed to maintain stability and control in everyone’s lives. Without it, chaos will begin. At home, the parents are there to discipline their child when necessary without them the child would be out of control. In school, the staff (teachers, principal) are there to guide and teach their students, and to solve social disputes between the children and their peers. Without a boss at work, a business will be unable to succeed and flourish. Our government are the top authorities in our world, without it the citizens of America will act insane. America would not be able to function without having a person or group of people (government) making the decisions, making rules, and enforcing the law upon the citizens. An example of how important authority actually is when children are in class and an altercation escalates. The dispute between the children will continue unless someone is there to control the situation, and that would be the administration at the school (the teachers). They have the authority, and the power to stop it before the altercation becomes more serious. Without a teacher or another staff member the situation contained, their presence is necessary. In the article The Need of Parental Authority it says that if a child is not taught to respect the authority of a parent they will grow to restrain the rules and commands given to them in the future. Which is true because if a child is not taught they will then follow their own will and will develop selfish qualities and habits that would be pernicious to good order in society. It is the parent’s job to discipline and to restrain their child from negative habits because they have the authority to do so. The most important “authorities” in our world today is our government. They are reason we have everything we do today. We need government because man needs moral limits, the government has to ability to create and enforce laws. Which manages