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The Fellowship Of The Ring and Airbourne
Conflict Comparisons
Thomas McKeough

The books The Fellowship Of The Ring and Airborn are both books that have many conflicts. Each conflict is resolved with the help of several main characters. Some of these conflicts are similar because they both deal with saving something the characters love such as the Aurora ( ship from Airborn ) and Middle earth ( land the Fellowship is trying to protect )
The first conflict that truly arises in Airborn is when a notorious band of pirates boards the Aurora. The pirates say if all of the passengers turn in their valuables they can live and continue on their journey. After the Auroras wireless radiomen is found trying to contact help, the notorious pirate takes him in front of the crowd and executes him. With no way to help, one of the main characters Matt Cruse must sit and wait for the pirates to leave. As the pirates were keeping the crew and passengers hostage, they failed to notice the incoming storm that was soon going to hit the two ships. As the pirates began to exit the ship, the storm hit and the two ships collided together, which caused a tear in the ships skin and let the hydrium escape. Having lost too much Hydrium ( a precious gas that is lighter than helium and lets airships stay afloat ) the ship is left at the mercy of the winds and is about to land in the sea when Matt spots an island to land on. This conflict was fixed really just by the luck of Matt seeing a nearby island. Without the island, the whole ship would be underwater along with the crew and the passengers. In the Fellowship Of The Ring, Frodo, one of the main characters, gets trapped inside an Ancient Old Evil Willow Tree that has been around before the days of man. Luckily, Frodo gets freed by Tom Bombadil, a spirit who is in control of the land and is as old as the hills themselves. Tom frees them by singing a song that persuades the Ancient Evil Old Willow to let Frodo go. Without Tom Bombadil, Frodo would not have been able to finish his quest. These two conflicts are in a certain aspect, similar, but different at the same time. What I mean is that in both conflicts something comes that aids them, like the storm coming at the right time and destroys the pirates ship even though in the process partially destroying the Aurora. And when Tom Bombadil comes at the right moment to rescue Frodo from the Ancient Old Willow Tree. Thats what is alike.The differences are normal for example,one conflict happened in the sky over the ocean and the other happened inside a tree in a forest. Just general things like that. The next conflict that happens in airborn is when a hurricane hits the island. This is bad because the crew on the Aurora has been repairing the skin of the ship and the hurricane made more holes. The holes that the hurricane made allowed the remaining hydrium that would allow them to lift of to leave the ship. Luckily though Kate De Vries ( another main character ) is super anxious to take photos of a new species of animals. Kate thought it would be good to have Matt come along because he knew how to get back to the ship. While she was taking the pictures, Matt recognized the smell of hydrium ( smells like Peach’s ) and discovered a natural source of it. The crew vented it back to the ship and the ship would soon become capable of flight. In the Fellowship Of The Ring, Frodo and company arrive at weathertop. Only a very small landmark on their journey, the group becomes restless and lights a fire to make some hot food. The fire attracts the Nazgul ( Dark Entities ) to their position. When the Nazgul arrived they targeted Frodo because he had the ring. Luckily, Aragorn ( another main character ) knows how to defeat these dark beings and sends them off running. Before the fight was over though, Frodo