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All About Autism
Autism is a mental condition , that is present from early childhood. It is characterized by great difficulty in communicating and forming relationships. There are several different types of autism that range from different severity levels. Autism was first discovered by a doctor whose name is Leo Kanner. Leo Kanner was born in Klelotow, Australia in 1894. Kanner was a psychiatrist and physician who wrote the paper “ Autistic Disturbances of Affective Contact “ in 1943. His paper described how he worked with children that would now be labeled as “Autistic”.
It is believed that autism is seen in the first three years of a child’s life. Autism is caused by a neurological disorder that affects the normal function of a persons brain. This affecting the development of a persons communication and social skills. A person with autism will normally stick to what they know and do normally and not try to adapt to different daily activities. But if someone with autism or ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) knows there is a change coming and is aware of it in advance it is more easily adaptable for them. Autism is known as a wide spectrum disorder which means that no two people with autism will have the exact same symptoms. They can have mild symptoms or more sever ones.
As I said above there are many different symptoms someone with autism can have. Such as lacking social skills a person with autism usually lack making eye contact with another person that is trying to communicate with them. Someone with a more severe case may not be interested in communicating with other people at all and try to keep to them selves.

Someone with autism may lack social skills they might also lack empathy, physical contact,and/or speaking skills. The main thing I would want to bring to your attention though would be the lack of empathy. A person with autism may lack empathy depending on the severity of there disorder. So they might not take into perspective how other people feel. But if you remind them of how someone is feeling often they tend to catch on and they better understand others feelings. Also someone with autism might find loud noises very irritating and it can easily spook them.
Although they may lack one or all of those things a person with autism there learning is very different from other people. They might learn something very difficult a lot faster than something that is a lot more simple or vice versa. I have heard that people with autism are very good with numbers and electronics.…