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What is Autism
Autism is a developmental disorder that appears in the first 3 years of life, and affects the brain's normal development of social and communication skills. (PubMed)
It is a blanket term for many types of conditions that affect social and communication skills, autistic children vary in intensity and symptoms. About 1 in 80 children is speculated to have some variety of Autism.

The exact causes are still not known but it is a hot field for research.
There is no real dia/gnosis (total/ knowledge Gk) for autism, rather trained physicians administer behavariol exams to determine if someone has autism.
Some factors that may play a role in autism are:
•Bacteria in the GI Tract, especially in the Enterons (intestines Greek).
•Inflammation of the brain, also known as Encephalitis (En/cephal/it is) (inflammation in the brain.) •Mercury poisoning

•Autistic children have trouble in: (Board)
Showing emotion
Pretend play
Social interactions
And verbal and nonverbal communication
•Many Autistic children are also sensitive to certain stimuli such as sight, hearing, touch, smell, or taste. They may also be aggressive towards themselves and others. Repeated behavior is very common in autistic individuals.

Symptoms cont.
Communication problems may include: (Board)
•Cannot start or maintain a social conversation
•Communicates with gestures instead of words
•Develops language slowly or not at all; suffer from dysphasia (dys/phasia) (difficulty in speaking)
Social interaction:
•Does not make friends
•Does not play interactive games
•Is withdrawn
•May not respond to eye contact or smiles, or may avoid eye contact

Symptoms Cont.
Play: (Board)
•Doesn't imitate the actions of others
•Prefers solitary or ritualistic play
•Shows little pretend or imaginative play
Behaviors: (Board)
•"Acts up" with intense tantrums
•Gets stuck on a single topic or task (perseveration)
•Has a short attention span

Treatments (therapy/process of Gk)
No cure for autism but can be managed through a wide array of treatments.
Diet is a huge tool in treating autism. Mostly non gluten and non casein. This helps keep