Autism: Neuron and Effects Normal Brain Essay

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Autism Spectrum Disorder, commonly known as ASD or Autism is a complex developmental

disability. This condition is the result of a neurological disorder that effects normal brain functions such

as social interaction skills and development of the persons communication skills. Those with Autism

have issues with non-verbal communication thus they have difficulty with activities that include play,

discussion or banter. Autism affects the information being processed in the brain by changing how their

nerve cells and synapses organize and connect. The occurrence of this is not yet fully understood.

Scientists have no confirmed what causes Autism, but have come up with theories of this

condition being caused by genetics as well as their environment. Several genes have been associated

with the disorder, although none have been officially linked. Another study was done to show that those

who endure Autism have abnormal levels of neurotransmitters such as serotonin in their brain. These

abnormalities suggest that Autism could possibly result from the brain not fully developing early in

fetal development. Which could be caused by defects in genes that control the growth of the brain and

that control how the brain cells communicate with each other, again possibly due to the environmental

influence on the function of the genes. Another theory of that parental practices could be responsible

for each child's Autism has been proved to be a myth.

Autism varies widely in the symptoms and severity and may even go unrecognized for those

with mild symptoms. Early indicators of Autism include; no babbling before one, no words or phrases

by the age of two, no response to name, not much eye contact, no smiling and excessive lining up of

objects or toys. Later indicators include unable to make friends, absence of in depth imagination,

repetitive language and finally being unable to sustain a