Essay about Autism: a Neighborhoods Personality

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A Neighborhoods Personality

On June 5th,2012 a newlywed couple both with dirty blonde hair, with their blue car decorated with “ Just Married” signs all over the car they pulled into the black tar driveway-It was a hot June day where you can see families playing in the kiddy pool, hearing laughter from balloon fights. You will also hear a lot of Congratulations when the couple gets out of the car, neighbors from far and wide come and greet the couple the neighbors in the Prior Lake area are always nice, willing to help which makes the community feel like a whole family in its self.

In this quiet but loud neighborhood you will hear a lot of birds chirping while they are sitting in our bright new green trees that grew last year children in the backyards watching them in the tree with their little nest. You will get a great smell of flowers that everyone has in their window sills when you have your windows open in the summer your house will fill with great sunflower smell, roses that are fresh and for picking. In our backyard where the kids do not play we have fresh raspberries and fresh strawberries growing in our garden which makes the smell even more summery smell. When you walk by the townhomes sometimes during the holiday’s you can smell cookies being made, homemade bread and other goodies that you can take to grandmas for Christmas. Also on your walk you may see through the windows of a family playing board games together, reading together you will also hear a lot of children laughing when they are in their homes with their families. In the neighborhood of the newlyweds you will get a sense of togetherness and they will welcome the newlyweds with baked goods, dinners already made and other items to welcome them into the new neighborhood as a new family that will someday evolve. You hear cars drive by honk at each other when you see someone you know in the neighborhood, moving trucks going down the driveways as they get to the empty houses that were for sale but now have new younger people with no families move in.
The Neighborhood is also more quiet in the winter time families are spending more time in the warm house and enjoying not having the hustle and bustle of the summer time when they are all doing something and never really see each other because of sport games, camps. When summer comes its like a huge block party with a lot of loud noises and families welcoming the summer sun with laughing and a lot of fun that is to come in our neighborhood in the summer time. Next is fall time when the children are getting settled down and school supply shopping getting ready to catch the bus on the first day of school fumbling around to make sure they are covered for childcare before and after school and the children practicing for sports in the fall time. In between the busy schedules of the families you still get to see the friendly neighbors but not as much