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Autobiographical Essay My name is Lyric and I was born August 25, 1992 in Los Angeles, CA. As a child, I was always optimistic and rarely let anyone or anything ruin my day. I enjoyed the small things in life, including trips to the park, going outside with friends, and anything else a young child would like doing. In elementary school I did exceptionally well in academics. I always got honor roll and enrolled into the gifted program. I joined a club called, Battle of the Books that included students in my grade level from different schools in the same district who would read all of the same books. Once the deadline for reading the books ended, there was a competition held where we competed to see who knew the books the best. Reading back then was a great pass time for me. The older I became, I realized my passion for cheerleading and dancing. I then began to explore my horizons and try out for dance teams. I have tried all kinds of dance including praise dance, modern, lyrical, jazz, and ballet. My passion for dance has only grown stronger throughout the years. My mother took me to the local recreational association and registered me for cheerleading. Unlike the other six year olds, my coach took a special interest in me and immediately put me on 10 year old and up squad because of my skill level. This was my first time cheering so I didn’t even know I had a skill level. Ever since then I have been a cheerleader. I even tried out for an all-star team and I am now captain after only three years of being on the team. At a very young age I also discovered my love and fascination for animals. I would always watch Animal Planet and wished every animal in the world was my pet. Some of the pets I wanted were not even domesticated animals, but my young mind did not care. I then came to